The Minor Seconds Play Neighborhood Watch


The Minor Seconds at Club Indi Go in Champaign, IL, performing their cover of “Neighborhood Watch.” This song is by a Philly band they love—“The Extraordinaires.”


The Minor Seconds at Club Indi Go on 11-11-11

The Minor Seconds at Club Indi Go in Champaign, IL.

Chicago Crash Palace

The Minor Seconds and Squirm Orchestra and their roadies checked into the Skylight Design crash palace round about 1:30 am, slept until 9 or so, ate, hung out, then headed in various directions to shop, eat, pick up Kelly, and drive to Champaign, IL for the next show.

The Squirm Orchestra at Yoga View

The Squirm Orchestra performing at Yoga View in Chicago 11-10-11.

Minor Seconds Live in Chicago with The Squirm Orchestra

Minor Seconds Chicago concert encore, a performance of the Ghanaian postal workers whistling song with the Squirm Orchestra

Like This

11-10-11. Go to the Minor Seconds Facebook page and like them. No, do it. You can’t imagine how excited they will be. This morning one of them was shouting, “Fifty people have liked us on Facebook!” This sort of thing thrills them. Go here

Minor Seconds / Squirm Orchestra Tour Launches

11-10-11. Snow is falling and the tour has launched. We’re driving west to Chicago under heavy clouds and the influence of Johnny Corndawg. Show tonight at 9 pm in a yoga studio.